The Magic Anchor- Clinical Hypnotherapy 3rd Session

I feel like I’m lagging with my hypnotherapy blogs. I meant to write them in ‘real time’ but that hasn’t happened. Maybe it’s because there was someone who was meant to read what I’m about to write now rather than a few weeks ago when I had intended this to be done. I have also been busy journalling, something I will write a separate blog about. Journalling is amazing and has been my go to writing outlet over the past few weeks but I’m feeling pulled to write this now.

I had my 3rd session with Celia after the Christmas break. A big part of this session was the creation of my ‘anchor’. The anchor is something which can be utilised during situations which induce anxiety. It has both physical and mental/emotional elements and is quite honestly brilliant. I need that tangible, physical element to help me really connect with the emotional element so this ticked all the boxes.

Note – not my arms

My homework leading up to this session was to think of a time that I stood up for myself and felt empowered, confident etc about it. I wracked (autocorrect just changed ‘wracked’ to ‘wrecked’ which may actually be more accurate) my brain over the Christmas hols trying to think of a single time this happened. I even asked my mum for help thinking of a time, she suggested that I should think about English lessons at school (I was good at English but this seemed too far away and I couldn’t think of anything relevant there anyway) or to relate it to my kids because mums always stand up for their kids. Again, I couldn’t think of anything and was then questioning my parenting skills as a mum who had never in her memory stood up for her children. Anyway, I emailed Celia to inform her of my failure to think of a single time I stood up for myself and to enquire as to what I should do about that. She reassured me that this is normal and instead advised me to think of any time at all that I had felt strong, sure of myself, confident etc. and when I could ‘hook in to’ the feelings I had felt at that time. A thought came into my mind immediately but I wanted to explore other ideas/memories before settling on that one. In the end, I decided that the memory which came in to my head first of all.

This memory was when I was a very young (just 21) mum to the most gorgeous baby boy. I had him in his pram down the street. I was SO proud of myself for having created and birthed this baby. I was still in awe of what my body was capable of. Not only did I grow an entire new human and bring him into the world, but I had kept him alive! I know I’m going to be bias but he honestly was the most perfect baby. I was feeling good about myself too, I felt I looked good, I liked the clothes I wore. I’m pretty sure I had a glow and if you could see auras you’d probably have needed sunglasses to look at me. I had found my anchor.

During our session, Celia asked me to close my eyes and go back to that time. I had to really feel the feelings I had felt and she guided me to do that as effectively as possible. At the same time she asked me to pinch together, relatively hard, my thumb and middle finger. This is the physical element of the anchor. The idea is that if I’m feeling anxious, I repeat the physical movement (which is so simple and can be done anywhere at any time, very subtly) and that helps to recall those feelings which will reduce the anxiety and help me to feel stronger. It was FANTASTIC. Sometimes I do it “just because”. Practicing it when I’m feeling ok makes it easier to conjure up when I really need it.

Once my anchor was firmly in place, we move to the hypnotherapy part of the session where Celia led me to my trigger situation and all the feelings, both physical and emotional, which are associated with that. She then got me to use my anchor to counteract those. On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is good, when we started this and I was “in my trigger” zone, I scored a 9/10 for anxiety. After using the anchor, I scored 2/10. This was huge and a total game changer.

I am aware that actually being IN the situation is a slightly different ball game but since my 3rd session, I’ve been there and have used this tool and honestly, it works. I would’t say I’m totally ok with it but I’m definitely a LOT better with it than I was.

I’m a work in progress but I’m progressing and THAT is the important thing.

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