Tapping into Magic

During my second session with Celia, we did a lot of something called ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’. I believe there are a few variations of the name but they’re all shortened to “EFT”. Celia wanted to use this to help calm down my physical (over) reaction to my triggers before we tried any form of hypnotherapy. I looked up EFT and found it described as psychological acupuncture. I like that! I’d heard of EFT before and knew a little bit about it but had never used it at all.

EFT involves tapping some specific points on your head, face and body whilst repeating a relevant statement. For me this statement looked like, “even though *insert trigger*, I choose to relax, release and let go”. This is repeated over and over as you tap the points in a specific order. Before we did the first round of tapping, Celia asked me tune into how my trigger situation made me feel both mentally and physically. To do this I visualised myself in the setting that triggers me and that was enough to set my anxiety off. Nice! I scored this as a 5-6/10 out of 10 where 1 feels good and 10 feels bad. In hindsight I think this score was probably only a 5-6/10 as I wasn’t actually IN the situation. In the situation, at worst, I’d score a 9-10/10 for sure. I identified my body response as a “wrung out” solar plexus, heart pounding, loss of appetite, panic, surges and chaotic thoughts. Yip, it’s fabulous!

Once we had completed the first round of tapping, I then had to do a ‘body scan’ which is when I again had to tune into myself, how I was feeling and rate this out of 10. After 2 more rounds of tapping I was still around the same mark of 6/10. Enter thoughts of, “I can’t do this, it’s no good. This won’t work for me” etc. Over the course of the session, we altered the statement I was using to narrow down on what was making me anxious as I visualised that situation. By the end of the session, having done a LOT of rounds of tapping and various slightly altered statements, on my last body scan I was down to a 2/10. Don’t ask me how this works, I don’t know. I just know that it does.

The beauty of this is that I now know how to use EFT so can turn it to other situations too by creating relevant mantras/statements. I think having Celia there to do the first sessions of EFT with me was really helpful and showed me how powerful it can be. Another tool for the kit!

Check out this link below from an NHS trust for more info on EFT:

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