Sunshine on Deerness!

It’s finally happened. The sun came out, the sky turned blue and the roads and paths have stayed dry for almost the entire day. I can practically feel my body synthesising it’s own vitamin D. At last.

Covenanters Memorial in Deerness with Auskerry Lighthouse in the distance.

Too good an opportunity to miss (and I’m lucky enough to not work Mondays) we loaded up and headed east to Deerness. We decided to visit Halley beach as its been a long time since we were there. There wasn’t an awful lot of sand but there was one hardly soul swimming in the sea in a swimming costume and little else when we arrived. Further along, I stuck my hand in the sea just to see how cold it was and compare my braveness to that of the sea swimmer… she is infinitely braver than me. It was so cold it hurt!! #respect

As close as I’m getting to being in the sea for the foreseeable.

A slow wander along the beach was punctuated with much laughter at Roo, our 13 week old Wirehaired Daschund x JRT living his best life on the sand and amongst the rocks and seaweed.  We remarked upon how clean the beach was with very little plastic solution visible, great to see (or not to see?!). Our terrier cross lost his head and went daft, running about probably quite confused by the lack of rain and driving wind.

Roo, slightly blurry due to ‘perpetual motion’ based issues…

The gentle walk with time to stop for photos, appreciate the blue sky, looking for treasure in small rock pools and just enjoy the moment was a tonic.


I look forward to the next one already.

Stay hygge,



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