How to Find Hygge When It’s Dreich

It seems to be day 325 of high winds and excessive rain in Orkney. The field beside our house has never been more saturated. I saw the farmer, in an effort to increase drainage from the swamp, digging out the ditches around the periphery in a digger with tracks…. TRACKS! Because a digger with normal tyres wouldn’t cope with the mass of mud this incessant rain has created. We’re the lucky ones, our home is high and dry and we’re not in a flood risk area.


Last weekend we were subjected to winds of up to 136mph, biblical rain, thunder and lightning but there wasn’t a peep about it in the media and the storm remains anonymous because… Scottish winter. The most damage incurred seems to have been a lorry which blew over into another lorry whilst parked so I suppose we can cope with that. Again, we’re lucky, we’re built for that here and are fairly used to those winds. Our trampolines are dug in, weighed down or taken in for winter, for the most part and we have no trees to blow over!

But let’s be honest, the never ending storms are starting to drag even the most buoyant of us down. With the best will in the world and the chirpiest attitude, yet another dog walk involving full waterproofs, hats pulled down to eyebrows and scarves pulled over noses is starting to crush our souls. My husband keeps helpfully chipping in with, “well, it’s winter!!”. But he can’t tell me, now that he’s been sitting in his waterproof trousers for the past 2 and a bit hours because it won’t be long until the puppy needs out again (ever!), that he’s not a bit fed up of it too. I know its winter… but this is brutal.


SO…. where’s the hygge in the midst of this?! How on earth do you find that cosy, warm, safe and happy feeling when the torrent of rain down your window continues for the 4th weekend in a row and basically you just don’t even care about hygge anymore because frankly hibernation seems the only reasonable option at this point?

Here are my top 5 (+1) suggestions:

  1. Embrace the weather. Yes waterproofs suck but have you yet gone out, even in the worst of it, wrapped up in the right clothing and regretted it? Get outside, even just for 5 or 10 minutes. Find a sheltered spot on a beach and search for shells or just enjoy watching the raging waves. As long as you’re dressed appropriately, you won’t wish you hadn’t gone!
  2. Do more of what you enjoy inside. Writing, drawing, cleaning (I hear some people enjoy this?!), creating, baking, cooking. Whatever it is that makes you happy, carve out some time and do it.
  3. Use the indoor time to learn something new. Whether it’s a career based course, a new craft skill or technique. If you feel pent up and frustrated, this is a great outlet for that energy and you’ll feel like you’ve done something worthwhile.
  4. Make your indoor space the best it can be. Have a clear out, declutter, donate to charity. Treat yourself to a new plant, a lovely candle, plump up your cushions, chuck a throw over your sofa to cuddle into. Whatever floats your boat.
  5. Don’t feel guilty about doing nothing if that’s what you want. Sometimes, all you want to do is read a book, watch Queer Eye on Netflix, flick through a magazine or snooze. You know what? That’s fine. Maybe this weather has created the perfect opportunity for you to do just that. Don’t feel bad about doing nothing, you’re recharging.
  6. Don’t get a puppy in winter. You’ll spend endless hours outside getting battered by the wind and soaked by the rain whilst the puppy hunches up against the weather, gazing at you wondering why, whhhhhhyyy, you are doing this to it, it doesn’t deserve this!


How do you feel about our recent weather? Does it get you down? How do you cope with it?

Stay hygge!

Kirsten x



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