Little Moments Like These.

I’m sitting here with a fuzzy head and a full heart. The sun is only just peeking over the top of the hill, casting a winter gold glow across everything I can see. There is a gentle rain falling straight down, I can see small birds flitting about in the trees, framed by wintery clouds and I can hear geese flying past. The door is open so the dogs are totting in and out as they please and crows are chatting in the field next to the garden. The boys are still in bed, holidays rule ok!


Last night my friends and I had our annual Christmas meal and this was the first time for 3 years that we have all been together and the first time all 16 of us, including partners, have EVER been together at Christmas. There was food, gin and a lot of laughter. So that explains the fuzzy head I mentioned….


It’s moments like these that make you sit back and realise how bloody lucky you are, for everything and everyone you are surrounded by. Moments like these come from being mindful. Slowing down. Taking stock. Being unfathomly grateful that you were born into a life that has granted you this bliss.

Today I invite you to glance around, look at the sky, listen, feel the magic that surrounds you in every moment, think about your loved ones and how lucky you are to have them and try to bottle that feeling. Carry it with you. Because even when we are busy and stressed or under the weather etc those things are still there. We sometimes just need to rediscover them.


♡ K x

2 thoughts on “Little Moments Like These.

  1. Lovely 💕 Stonehaven was gorgeous today and yesterday – Scotland is a magnificent place and slowing down to take it all is so important. Sitting on the Hrossey on the way home hoping the weather in Orkney stays the same! But if no – the waterproofs are packed and quite happy to be blown to buggary when walking the dogs along the shoreline! Merry Christmas to you all Kirsten xx

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