Baby It’s Cold (Windy) Outside

It’s December and therefore it’s cold in Orkney. At the moment, it’s not even just the cold it’s the howling gale outside that at one point scared the dogs and caused the terrier to take refuge next to me on the couch.

This weather is some of my very favourite. I have other favourites too but Orkney in a gale is quite something. The walls of the house are clicking as the wind blows and the reflections of the fairy lights on the tree are subtly moving in the window as the glass sucks in and out. You know it’s a good breeze outside when the water in the toilet has developed an ebb and flow…


For me, there are 2 ways to make the most of this weather. The first is to wrap up and get out there in it. There’s something fierce and raw about being beside the sea with the waves smashing in to the shore and the salty spray seasoning your lips. The dogs run beside me with their ears flapping like flags on top of a staff, noses in the air taking in all the new scents. This is “awesome” in it’s truest form.


The second is to do the opposite of the first. Batten down the hatches. Pull the curtains. Light the fire. Get cosy! I LOVE this time of year and this weather because it’s such a fabulous excuse for what could be described as ‘laziness’ if it were summer time. I say we are all animals at the end of the day, and hibernation is a natural instinct! This weather allows us to get as close to hibernation as it is socially acceptable for humans to be.

What say you? Yay or nay to winter storms?

2 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold (Windy) Outside

  1. I like that the physical exercise of getting things done outside (like getting into and out of a car with shopping) means that that extra chocolate biscuit it warranted. The pressure is off when the weather is really bad, exceptions have to be made and plans changed. It means we have to allow for compromise in routine and accept that everything is not within our control: both healthy attitudes to practice whatever the weather!


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