Slowing Down and Bringing Calm.

It’s a manic time of year. Loose ends MUST be tied up for Christmas. Gifts must be thought about/made/purchased. Work must be seen through and completed. For me, clients must be booked in, seen and treated and treatment plans formulated. No doubt there will be last minute phone calls next week from those desperate for appointments before the end of the week, luckily, I now have an awesome associate who can take those on for me which is a whole new world for me and a huge weight off my shoulders.

Having that weight lifted has made me think about how great it is to feel even just a smidgen more relaxed. I’ve come to realise how massively anxious I have become and how that has affected me over the past few months. The constant online connection and the need to always be there for others. The inability to not reply to a message immediately because, someone is waiting for me and they cannot wait (says my conscience!). The niggles and issues that a new business throws up and continues to throw up. Always dealing with other people and always putting them before me has finally taken it’s toll and as the days darken and the nights lengthen, as the temperature drops, the need to step back, quieten, cosy up, let things be, relax, refocus and maybe… switch off for a while, is calling.


It’s time to think about how next year, I can make things more manageable for me. How I can bring more calm into my life to reduce my anxiety and stress levels so that I can equally maintain my drive, ambition and hunger to always be learning and doing more which are parts of me that make me who I am!

I have over the past wee while really taken steps to work on this. Playing around with things which help take my mind off work and problems. So far I’m still not able to sit and just “be”. I still have to be actively doing something but for now, as long as that something is not work or work related then I’m ok with that.


I’ve discovered the joy and magic of Body Balance, Yoga and Barre Concept classes. Focus, relaxation, movement, strength and flow all at the same time. I’ve only been going consistently for around 5 or 6 weeks but already I can’t imagine my life without this in some way. I came home a different person after my last Body Balance class. “It’s fine to see you laughing” said my husband. It was fine to feel it too.

Oracle and tarot cards are just brilliant. I feel so grounded and happy when I’m playing with and learning about my cards, it’s something I want to do more of. I love the imagery and the wee nudges you get from them. It’s at great odds with me and my scientific mind and background but it turns out I need that ‘other’ connection too. These have been a game changer for me.

Writing. Just the process of putting words down helps me to structure my thoughts on the page and in my head.

A rogue bullet journal. It’s my own variation of bullet journalling. I write down things that are stressing me. Things that are making me happy. Things I have to remember to do. Things I have achieved. All in a quick few words each. It gets the thoughts out of my head and on to paper, which means I no longer have to hold them in my head as they are safely kept elsewhere.

I have a long way to go to get anywhere near practicing what I preach but I’ll get there. I need to be stricter with boundaries around online time and finishing work. I need to learn to put myself and my needs first a bit more often. I’d love to hear what you use to calm you down and which rules you set for yourself to reinforce YOU as a priority?

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